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Manjaro KDE Compositor – Turn off Desktop Effects

by on Apr.29, 2023, under Linux, Techie

To turn off Desktop Effects (Desktop Compositing) in Manjaro KDE this can be done by making the following changes:

  1. System Settings > Display and Monitor > Compositor
  2. Uncheck “Enable compositor on startup”
  3. System Settings > Shortcuts > Shortcuts > KWin (Under System Settings)
  4. Click on “Suspend Compositing:” and uncheck the box next to “Alt+Shift+F12”
  5. Click Apply
  6. Reboot
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Changing from NVIDIA to AMD GPU on Manjaro KDE while using Flatpaks

by on Apr.28, 2023, under Linux, Techie

If you are using Flatpaks on Manjaro KDE (probably any distro you use flatpaks on) and switch from an NVIDIA to AMD GPU in the system you will need to search through the install flatpaks to find all any NVIDIA drivers that are bundled. On my system I found that Protontricks, Heroic Game Launcher, and Wine (WineHQ) will still have NVIDIA drivers installed and will need to be removed manually.

  • From Konsole run: sudo flatpak list | grep nvidia
  • Then you can run: sudo flatpak uninstall [PACKAGE] (do this each time for all the entries found with the list flag.

NOTE: Using Flatpak

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GPU details from console

by on Apr.22, 2023, under Linux, Techie

inxi -Fza

-F, --full
Show Full output for inxi. Includes all Upper Case line letters except -W, plus -s and -n. Does not show extra verbose options such as -d -f -i -l -m -o -p -r -t -u -x unless you use those arguments in the command, e.g.: inxi -Frmxx

-z, --filter
Adds security filters for IP addresses, serial numbers, MAC, location (-w), and user home directory name. Removes Host:. On by default for IRC clients.

-a, --admin
Admin options are advanced output options, and are more technical, and mostly of interest to system administrators or other machine admins.

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Grim Dawn needing some TLC to run smooth on Linux

by on Apr.15, 2023, under Linux, Techie, Video Games

Grim Dawn (w/ all DL)C, I was seeing some screen tearing in the upper 1/8 of the screen and the background seemed to stutter even though FPS was solid. The following changes were needed on my setup to resolve this. Posting here and on ProtonDB – Game Details for Grim Dawn in hopes this helps someone else.

Changed desktop from 60Ghz to 120Hz (monitor can do 144Hz)
Edit the games options.txt file at “~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/219990/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Documents/My Games/Grim Dawn/Settings/“:

UPnPEnable = false
forceSingleProcessorMode = false
maxResourceThreads = 8

NOTE: maxResourceThreads should be equal to the number of cores (not threads) the CPU has; default is 1.

Steam Properties >
Launch Options: Play Grim Dawn (x64)
Advanced: RADV_PERFTEST=aco gamemoderun %command%

Compatibility > Force to Using GE-Proton7-55

NOTE: Many have reported random black screen issues unless using “RADV_PERFTEST=aco

In game I have everything cranked up to max and all options in video turned on (including VSYNC) and Refresh set to 120Hz also.

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Minecraft Keyboard/Mouse Shortcuts

by on Apr.15, 2023, under Video Games

I am posting this on my website, so it is quicker for me to find in the future. This list came from the /r/Minecraft on Reddit

  • F1 = Hide GUI
  • F2 = Take Screenshot
  • F3 = Debug Info (includes coordinates)
  • F3 + Shift = Toggles Profiler
  • F3 + A = Reload Chunks
  • F3 + B = Shows Hitboxes
  • F3 + C = Manual Crash
  • F3 + D = Clear Chat History
  • F3 + F = Increase Render Distance by 1
  • F3 + F + Shift = Decrease Render Distance by 1
  • F3 + G = Toggle Chunk Borders
  • F3 + H = Advanced Item Tooltips (adds detail for most tools, ie the number of hits remaining on a pickaxe)
  • F3 + N = Toggle Between Spectator & Creative Modes
  • F3 + P = Toggles Game Pause (allows for Alt + Tab without having the menu appear)
  • F3 + Q = Show All F3 Key Combinations
  • F3 + S = Reload Sounds and Textures
  • F3 + T = Reload all sounds, textures, models and other content that was added/changed by a resource pack
  • F3 + Alt = Shows FPS Graph
  • F5 = Toggle Camera View
  • F8 = Toggle Smooth Camera
  • F11 = Toggle Full Screen
  • 1-9 Keys (not numpad) = Quick Move to/from Hotbar
  • F = Switch Items Between Off Hand and Main Hand
  • Q = Drop Single Item
  • Q + Ctrl = Drop Entire Stack of Items
  • T = Open Chat
  • Left Shift = Sneak (allows you to get close to the edge of blocks without falling)
  • Tab = Shows Player List, auto completes commands, usernames etc
  • Ctrl (or double-tap W) = Sprint
  • Middle-Click Mouse = Pick Block (will move block you click onto hotbar if it’s in your inventory in survival)
  • Right-Click Mouse (on stack in inventory) = Grabs half of the stack
  • Hold Right-Click Mouse (in crafting grid/inventory) = Distributes only one of the item held in each slot you mouse over
  • Hold Left-Click Mouse (in crafting grid/inventory) = Evenly distributes the item held in each slot you mouse over
  • Left-Click Mouse + Shift (in crafting table) = Crafts as many of item as possible
  • Double Left-Click Mouse = Grabs all of one item (up to a full stack)
  • Double Left-Click Mouse + Shift (while hovering over item) = Moves all of the same item from inventory to chest or vise versa)
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