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Netgear WNR1000v3 backdoor/bug

by on May.24, 2014, under News, Techie

Friendly IT post for my techie friends:
If you have a Netgear WNR1000v3 (Firmware confirmed, maybe others?), please make sure you have Remote Access locked down or turned off. While in your router checking this please see if you have had your WAN changed (will be changed to DHCP by the bot) or your DNS set to something you don’t recognize ( and confirmed). If so change everything back to what it should be and start changing your passwords online. Looks like there is some kind of bug or backdoor that a bot is using to hack these routers. Might affect other models too, but so far I can not find any online posts about this. I have worked with 2 people and can confirm this seems to have started making rounds on Friday May 23rd.
If your have the above router and your ISP installed it, I would hope and assume they locked down Remote Access (like Action Communications does to protect their customers from these kind of hacks).

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Gaming Server Update!

by on Feb.09, 2013, under News, Video Games

Got the new 147GB 10k SCSI2 Hard drives installed and CentOS 6.3 rolling. Since RHEL 6 (and therefor CentOS 6.x) dropped support for Xen in favor of KVM I have decided to run MineCraft, TF2 MvM, etc. from the core OS as unprivileged users vs. learning a new visualization service. With a non-Xen Kernel and since my process supports PAE I can access the full 12GB of RAM directly even with a 32-bit OS.

I will be racking and finishing the base config this Monday with hopes to have MineCraft running by the following weekend!

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RAID issues after last server outage

by on Feb.01, 2013, under News, Video Games

After getting the server back up and going from the power supply issue last fall I found some errors in the Software (bleh!) RAID 5 and while working with them I lost I/O access. A reboot has sense caused everything on the Software RAID 5 to so far be lost. I am in the process of trying to restore the Software RAID 5 and if all else fails I will just start the new server fresh and we will have a new MineCraft world. SORRY!

More later…

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Back to MC 1.8…for now

by on Sep.28, 2011, under News, Video Games

After some negative feedback from players and some information about chunk saving bugs in 1.9 pre-release I rolled the server back to 1.8.

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Loaded MC 1.9 pre-release to server

by on Sep.25, 2011, under News, Video Games

I loaded Minecraft 1.9 pre-release to the server tonight, so everyone needs to manually patch (see below) their client to now login to the server. I have created a backup of the 1.8 minecraft_server.jar and the world in case things go horribly wrong with this pre-release. If there are major issues and I need to roll-back get a hold of me.

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