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Using Diskpart to delete partition when the GUI doesn’t work.

by on Dec.06, 2015, under Techie

Please perform the following steps:

1. Open a command prompt as administrator.

2. Run Diskpart application by typing Diskpart in the command prompt.

3. In the “Diskpart” prompt, enter rescan command and press Enter key to re-scan all partitions, volumes and drives available.

4. Then type in list disk and press Enter key to show all hard disk drive available.

5. Select the disk that contains the partition you want to remove. Normally, with just 1 hard disk, it will be disk 0. So the command will be:

Select disk 0

Finish by Enter key.

6. Type list partition and press Enter key to show all available and created partition in the disk selected.

7. Select the partition that wanted to be deleted by using the following command, followed by Enter key:

Select partition x

Where x is the number of the recovery partition to be removed and unlocked its space. Be careful with the number of this partition, as wrong number may get data wipes off.

8. Finally, type in delete partition override and press Enter key.

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Simple method to do a Fresh Windows 10 install (via the “free upgrade”)

by on Nov.05, 2015, under Techie

The below steps come from and are just put here to make it easier for me to find in the future. I have used this on 1 machine that was running Windows 7 Pro (Upgrade – came from Vista) and another running Windows 7 Home Premium.

SOURCE: How to clean install Windows 10 directly without upgrade

Here is what you need to do to clean install Windows 10 on a computer system.

  • You need a Windows 10 DVD or ISO image for that. If you don’t have one get it from here. Download the tool from Microsoft’s website to create the ISO image. Make sure you pick the right architecture and version.
  • Burn the ISO, mount it or extract it.
  • Navigate to the folder \Windows\x64\sources or P:\Windows\x32\sources and drag&drop the file gatherosstate.exe to the desktop.
  • Run the file afterwards. It creates GenuineTicket.xml on the desktop. This file is needed so copy it to a USB drive or other location.
  • Run a clean install of Windows 10 afterwards on the system. Make sure you skip the product key.
  • Once you are done and in Windows 10, copy the file GenuineTicket.xml to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\ClipSVC\GenuineTicket.
  • The folder is hidden by default. If you cannot see it, select File > Options > View > Show hidden files, folders and drives in File Explorer.
  • Reboot the PC.
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Linux: Batch rename to remove # leading characters from files of a certain type

by on Apr.12, 2015, under Techie

If you have a bunch of files like:

$ ls /home/me/Desktop/Music/
0001 – File1.mp3
0002 – File2.mp3
0003 – File3.doc


And you want to remove the “0001 – ” from the start of all of them then you can use the following expressing to do this provided they are all in the same folder (if not just run this more than once):

cd /home/me/Desktop/Music/ && for file in *mp3; do mv "$file" "${file:8}"; done


$ ls /home/me/Desktop/Music/
0003 – File3.doc


NOTE: For more details see as I got my example from there.

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RetroPie Controller info

by on Apr.12, 2015, under Techie, Video Games

To support Xbox controllers on the RetroPie image for Raspberry Pi 2 units please use the following. This may work for other controllers, but I have no way to test.

NOTE: Use ls /dev/input/ to make sure the “input_player#_joypad_index = ” values are correct. For most they should be js0, js1, etc. You could have something weird like js1, 2, etc at which point you will need to adjust the player1 from 0 to 1 and then so on and so forth.

Edit the /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg file

Add the following to the end of the file

# Start
input_joypad_driver = linuxraw
input_player1_joypad_index = "0"
input_player1_up_axis = "-1"
input_player1_down_axis = "+1"
input_player1_left_axis = "-0"
input_player1_right_axis = "+0"
input_player1_a_btn = "0"
input_player1_b_btn = "1"
input_player1_x_btn = "2"
input_player1_y_btn = "3"
input_player1_select_btn = "6"
input_player1_start_btn = "7"
input_player2_joypad_index = "1"
input_player2_up_axis = "-1"
input_player2_down_axis = "+1"
input_player2_left_axis = "-0"
input_player2_right_axis = "+0"
input_player2_a_btn = "0"
input_player2_b_btn = "1"
input_player2_x_btn = "2"
input_player2_y_btn = "3"
input_player2_select_btn = "6"
input_player2_start_btn = "7"
input_player3_joypad_index = "2"
input_player3_up_axis = "-1"
input_player3_down_axis = "+1"
input_player3_left_axis = "-0"
input_player3_right_axis = "+0"
input_player3_a_btn = "0"
input_player3_b_btn = "1"
input_player3_x_btn = "2"
input_player3_y_btn = "3"
input_player3_select_btn = "6"
input_player3_start_btn = "7"
input_player4_joypad_index = "3"
input_player4_up_axis = "-1"
input_player4_down_axis = "+1"
input_player4_left_axis = "-0"
input_player4_right_axis = "+0"
input_player4_a_btn = "0"
input_player4_b_btn = "1"
input_player4_x_btn = "2"
input_player4_y_btn = "3"
input_player4_select_btn = "6"
input_player4_start_btn = "7"
input_exit_emulator_btn = "4"
input_menu_toggle_btn = "5"
# End

NOTE: I used to figure out how to build my RetroPie, though N64 isn’t working yet.

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